Various Types of Watches Available in The Market.

Watches keep you punctual and on time. Wristwatches are classy and can be used in the zones where you are restricted to use your cell phones. Moreover, they never run out of battery unlike cell- phones. For many of them, it is part of their soul,  such that they feel bare without it. There are various types of watches available in the market.

You can be the master of time by knowing its benefits

1) They are a definition of simplicity and style.

It is mind-blowing that these small devices have a delicate work of art inside it. They have ingenious mechanical technology. You can make a statement by wearing a proper outfit and a nice watch. They reflect our style – be it sporty, adventurous or cute; they are articulated according to your personality.

2) Less-distracting than other modern counterparts.

Often we get muffled up between the emails, social media, messages, etc while checking our phone for the time. Watches keep you away from distraction. They are designed solely for managing time. A phone can never be an alternative for wrist watches.

3) Allowed everywhere, anytime.

They are considered as a tool. From students to pilots, anyone can adore it. Imagine how would you know all about time in operation theatres, examination hall where you are forbidden to use cell phones.

4) Your watch can be your navigator.

There are certain chronograph watches with an inbuilt feature of GPS which can give you directions. A 24-hour watch itself is a compass where the hour hand is aligned with the sun and the north direction is toward the bottom of the watch dial.

5) They are a precious heirloom. 

It usually passes on from generations to generations in many families. This cannot happen for mobiles. They are long lasting and they also increase connectivity between the members of the family

6) A watch is a watch.

Everyone loves their own precious watch. They are the source of time machines. They have a history of making. It is more than an accessory; it is all about having a loyal companion.

Let us know all more about time and its type

1. Show your classiness with automatic watches

Automatic watches are very popular today. They are mechanical watches which uses a self-winding method.

In the latest manufacturing units of automatic watches, they are without the self-winding technique. These new automatic watches use the natural motion of the wearer’s arm to turn the mainspring.

Some automatic watches runs without batteries and external power.

  • Forsining Automatic self moon phase wrist watch

This automatic watch works on the moon phase theory. According to that, it shows the current phase of the moon as in the sky. This is displayed in an aperture on the dial.

  • Fossil Automatic Analogue Watch

The new fossil’s analog display automatic watches are chic and casual to wear. It has a water resistance of 50 m and is an ideal gift for your man.

2. Be sporty with Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are apt for adventure lovers. It is usually used to time car racing or cycling as it acts as a stopwatch. A chronograph watch has a sweep second hand which can be returned back to zero by the watch pushers. There are different chronographs available in the market- split-second chronographs, flyback, regular a split second, calendar chronographs, etc.

Chronograph watches are useful.

People in different professions also prefer chronograph watches. For eg: there are telemeter and tachometer chronographs used by sailors and navy guards to calculate tide and distances.

-Armani Chronograph Watch

This Armani chronograph watch has a stainless steel dial with vibrant colour options making it one of the best chronograph watch. Apart from the chronograph feature the watch also has date aperture and tachymeter in it. The watch is also capable to resist water up to 100 m.

– Timex Chronograph Watch

The Timex chronograph watch has features like LED backlight, alarm, date aperture, shock resistance, etc.

This battery running watch has a digital display and water resistance of  100 m. Appearance wise the watch may look old but you can definitely give it a trial shot. It comes at a decent price with lots of features.

3. Diver watch

Diver watch is usually expensive and is designed solely for swimmers and divers.

The watches are designed to be used underwater. They comprise large dials, luminous numbers and unidirectional rotating bezel which can remind the divers about their air supply.

There is a various standard set by ISO 6425 for diving watches. So the next time you shop a diver’s watch make sure the watch follows all the standards of diving watches.

Currently, the watches have minimum water resistant of 200 to 300 m and can resist much deeper feet of water.

Seiko Diver’s watch

This 14 millimetres thick watch is suitable for any divers or budding swimmers. The watch has an analog display with hardlex crystal. It is an automatic self-wind watch with water resistance depth of 330 feet.

4. Be fashionable with a fashion watch

Watch is a statement. It reflects the personality of an individual. Fashion watch is the talk of the town. Fashion watches focus on their aesthetics than features. They are a part of fashion accessories. Be it for a casual look or party wear, fashion watches would add shine to your outfit

They are vibrant with loads of new colours and style and are easily affordable.

There is a whole new market for fashion watches.

  • DW Classic Canterbury

No other watch can be as beautiful and fashionable as of Daniel Wellington. This watch from DW is inspired by the flag of NATO. It is a piece which can be worn with formals as well as with informal.

5. Stay fit and up to date with the activity tracker watch

If you are a fitness freak and always on move. Then an activity tracker watch will help you monitor your health. These watches monitor your calories, heart rates and the distances you have covered in a day.

Thye helps you stay fit. Usually, the watches are smart watches but then there is a whole new category solely for fitness watches.

  • Fitbit Inspire

The new range of Fitbit comes with a digital screen and touch screen options. It tracks your sleep, calories, activities, and exercise. A free gym assistant. You can set around 15 exercise goals in a day and can work on it. The watch has a battery life of 4 to 5 days and is water resistant.

It inspires you to stay active and begin your fitness journey.

6. Workaholics get a new assistant with a smartwatch

Smartwatch can be your assistant 24/7. You can sync your phone with your smartwatch. What else do we need? You will get notifications, messages schedule alerts, emails, etc.

  • Apple Smartwatch

This is the best smartwatch you would ever buy! From GPS to phone call, this watch is genuinely great at cellular and connectivity. The watch doesn’t even require you to get connected from your phone or have a sim card. You can simply make calls, receive messages, use GPS while your phone is at home.

  • MI Band 3

The brand new MI Band 3 has a prominent feature of the OLED screen. You can track all your activities- from handling WhatsApp messages, calls to making a fitness schedule. It is an activity watch cum smartwatch.

The battery life is astounding. It can last up to 20 days. Also, they have additional features like stopwatch, weather forecast and even locating your phone.

Honestly speaking if Apple’ s ‘smart watch is going a bit out of your budget then you can definitely go with MI Band 3

7. Fly high with your pilot watch

A pilot watch is specifically tailored according to the needs of the pilot. These watches usually have features of maritime navigation and clocks to determining geographical longitude.

Aviators pilot and chronograph watch

The watch is particularly designed for pilots. Just like the pilots the watch can handle pressure on the air and sea during an emergency landing.

It can withstand water of 100 meters and harsh pressure of air.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot watch

This watch is loaded with features. It has luminous dials, 200 meters of water resistance and a 46 mm of the stainless steel case. It is lustrous yet subtle.

8. Watch for the blinds & Visually impaired

There are different talking watches available for visually impaired individuals. Such watches have different technologies like voice recognition, automated time speech software, etc.

-Tactile Braille Watch

Tactile Braille Watch for Blind People or the Elderly Grey Dial They are ideal for blind people, as every feature is usable by someone without sight. This watch is particularly for braille preferring visually impaired individuals.

Crispy TM Watch

This is a casual watch that can be flaunted in meetings. The design of the watch is vintage with adjustable loop experience. It is a supportive watch for visually impaired. This watch also has a feature of talking time, helping them to the know the time directly.